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Great 7 Home Garden Ideas for Small Spaces – Perhaps often considered insignificant, the garden is one of the places that is always discussed in order to have a large and comfortable house. In fact, the garden is one of the most important parts of the house. As a green area, it makes the house feel alive and fresh.

Especially in a pandemic like this, it requires us to always stay at home. Boredom is of course very easy to approach us and make us not in the mood for activity. So, making yourself refreshed, enjoying the garden atmosphere is the right idea.

One of the reasons why parks are often skipped in every dwelling is because of the limited land. In fact, making a garden does not always have to be in a large area. Therefore, in this article, we have provided Great 7 Home Garden Ideas for Small Spaces that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Mirror for Garden Walls

Instead of cramped and uncomfortable, it is better not to make a garden at home. Sentences like that might cross your mind. After you read this article, thoughts like that should be thrown away immediately.

A comfortable garden does not only have to be a large garden. In fact, by decorating the garden properly, the garden will be a very attractive and comfortable place. It is suitable as a place to unwind and make yourself more relaxed.

mirror for garden
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A mirror is an item that is usually used for bathrooms and bedrooms. The function of using a mirror is to help you during activities such as washing your face, brushing your teeth, applying make-up, and so on. However, the mirror function is not just for that. The mirror is also an item that has a big influence on the comfort of a small place. Mirrors can make small spaces look and feel wider so this place can be comfortable.

Using a mirror in a small garden is the most interesting idea. Applying 2 – 3 large mirrors to the garden wall will make the small garden look wider. The shadow from the garden will appear in the mirror. Using brass angle to secure your mirror provides a sturdy mounting-point and can add to the overall aesthetic of your garden

small garden with mirror decor
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Because it is placed in the garden, the mirror will get dirty easily. And this really disturbs the appearance of the small garden. So, try to always clean the mirror, like wiping the mirror after it rains, and so on.

Vines on The Small Garden Wall

Garden is synonymous with a green appearance that is so fresh and can make us more relaxed and calm when we are there. However, due to limited land, the plants that can be used are also limited. However, this does not deny that small gardens can be such attractive green places.

small garden plant
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If the land in the small garden is limited and you cannot plant lots of green plants. So, how about using the wall as a media to give the small garden a green look?

Vines are one type of plant that can be used to make small garden walls look green and fresh. Garden walls with vines can eliminate the feeling of being cramped and stuffy due to the small area. So, vines on the small garden walls become the next idea of the home garden for small spaces.

Modern Concept for Small Garden Ideas

The modern concept is the most appropriate concept to be applied to a narrow area of land. The modern concept prioritizes the impression of being spacious, clean, neat, and functional. That way, the small garden will be a comfortable place and also look attractive.

modern small garden
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  • Built-in Flower Beds

built-in flower beds
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To create a spacious concept, built-in flower beds are the perfect idea to apply to small gardens. By making built-in flower beds, small gardens will also look tidier and more organized. Here you can plant some of your favorite plants.

  • Get Creative with Timber

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The modern concept looks more natural. Therefore, it is not surprising that the materials used tend to be natural materials, such as wood and natural stone.

Get creative with timber is the right idea to make small gardens look sweeter.

Timber that is applied to the wall is very influential on the appearance of the small garden. Applying timber to the walls of the small garden presents a warm nuance that makes this place so calm and comfortable.

Not just for the walls. Timber can also be used as a very comfortable seat.

Hammock to Make It Comfortable

A garden is indeed a place at home that can be used as a place to relax and calm down. The garden atmosphere is so calm and comfortable it will be great to get rid of boredom.

Making a small garden a place to rest comfortably, of course, some items are needed that support this comfort, such as a soft sofa, a firepit that can drive cold temperatures at night or winter, or also a hammock to lie down while looking at the beautiful clouds.

hammock for small garden
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hammock decoration
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Because in the tiny garden there are no large trees that can be used to tie a hammock, you can use the side of the small garden wall to tie the hammock rope.

To make the hammock feel more comfortable to relax and lie down, you can add one or more pillows to the hammock.

Small Fish Pond in The Corner of Garden

If you want a quiet and comfortable place to live, maybe we should take a little peek at Japanese house designs. The atmosphere is calm, warm, and comfortable very thick with Japanese design. This is because Japanese designs present natural elements.

To provide a calming atmosphere, maybe you can add a water element to your home garden. The existence of a fish pond is very influential. The sound of water in the fish pond will be very helpful in presenting such a calm atmosphere. Besides that, looking at the fish swimming in the water can help restore the feeling of saturation that attacks you.

fish pond
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Because making a fish pond will take up a lot of space and make the small garden narrower, therefore, the corner of the room is the perfect space to choose for a fish pond. To make it look more attractive, make a flower bed on the edge of the garden and plant some flowers in beautiful colors to create a colorful small garden.

Minimalist Small Garden with Artificial Grass

The garden seems to be lacking if there is no grass there. However, the use of grass will make the garden dirty during the rainy season. Even soil can enter the house through the doors and make the house dirty too.

In order for the garden to look fresh green and not dirty, the use of artificial grass is the right idea. The price of artificial grass per meter is quite expensive. However, because of the small area, you don’t need to use artificial grass in large quantities.

artificial grass
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The use of artificial grass without any other decorations will make the small garden look stiff and unattractive. With this, add pebbles to the edge of the garden.


The park is one of the most fitting places to unwind and get tired due to tiring activities. Or, the park can also be a place to get rid of the boredom that hit you. Especially at the time of Covid-19, boredom is very easy to present in us. So, spending time in the park while enjoying a calm garden atmosphere is the most appropriate activity to do. So, for those of you who want to have a garden but are hampered by limited land, you really need the references. So here, we have provided Great 7 Home Garden Ideas for Small Spaces. So, have you decided which home garden ideas you are interested in?



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