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11 Ways to Bring Your Home Office to Life

More than ever, people are working from home, from part time, to full time, to side hustles. There are many perks working from the comfort of home, including not being subjected to rows of gray cubicles. Home offices shouldn’t be purely functional. If you’ve been working in a makeshift space, it’s time to stylize. Take full advantage of the situation by creating a space where you’ll feel inspired and motivated. Here are 11 ways to make your home office professional, comfortable, and personalized.

Indulge with a Soft Rug

An area rug is a must for a home office. With desk furniture and tech all around, a soft rug brings in comfort and luxurious texture. Place a rug under the desk and work chair. We all know that on Zoom calls, shoewear is not a concern. Bare feet will love to have a cozy rug to rest on. Rugs also absorb sound, creating a soothing space for you and sparing family from loud conference calls. To maintain a focused atmosphere, try an elegant warm neutral for a calm and cozy work environment.

Add Vibrancy with Artwork

Collect art that inspires you. Away from the office, you can avoid cliches. Forget the “Hang in There” cat posters and add in something personal. It could be a favorite quote, a music artist you like, or an opportunity to bring in color. This is where you can really personalize and energize the space.

Get a Cool Chair

An office chair is totally worth investing in. Get rid of the ratty chair with no support. An ergonomic chair will provide comfort throughout a work day. Look for a chair that features adjustable height and lumbar and arm support. A sleek one will have you feeling professional, but more importantly, being comfortable is important to keep you going as you tackle your projects.

Give Yourself a Break

Create a mini break room with a coffee station. The best part is you won’t have to share it with gross coworkers. Add in a Nespresso or Keurig for a  frothy cup of coffee to jumpstart your day or perk up in the afternoon. Include creamers, stir sticks, and sweeteners like sugar, honey, or cinnamon. Use a statement mug that’s different from the matched set in your kitchen. If you’re working a full day, it’s wise to set boundaries between work life and home life. Setting up some provisions in your home office means one less stop to the kitchen and less chance of being distracted.

Fun Office Supplies

In a home office, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your red stapler. Creative office supplies are engaging to look at, fun to use, and add personality. Add in color and design with stationery, binders, pen holders, planners, sticky notes, or notepads. Find a desk set in a theme that speaks to you for complete coordination.

Cable Management

With computers, printers, chargers, and maybe even TVs, there’s usually cords snaking all around the room. Invest in an understated cord cover, cord winder, or wire organizer to eliminate this clutter-y eyesore. If you’re looking for a new desk, consider one with a desk grommet to tame and consolidate wires.

Light Solutions

When looking at screens for hours, proper lighting is necessary to negate eye strain. Besides overhead lighting, add in a floor lamp or desk lamp to layer in warm light. If you’re able, let in natural light. You’ll feel more focused and energized.


If your home office is more on the cozy (small)  side, utilize the wall space with floating shelves. Shelves offer the opportunity for decor to be displayed. Plus, you can use them to up your organization game and increase your focus. Keep books, binders, and office supplies in plain sight. With a stapler, tape dispenser, or pen holder on a shelf you’ll free up space on your desk.

Organic Elements

The room will feel less sterile by adding in nature. Plants cheer up a space with a splash of color, and break the monotony in a room full of plastic and metal. Breathe easy when you’re under a deadline. Plants enhance wellness by easing stress and purifying the air. Try a zz plant or fern to freshen up the room. Soften the room with pampas grass. Flowers of course add beauty as well. An orchid is an elegant desk decoration. Wood or rattan furniture accents, such as storage bins, will warm up the space.

Color Charge

Don’t settle for greige. Color is inspiring and makes the biggest impact if you want to fully transform the room. Because home offices are usually smaller spaces compared to the rest of the home, there’s freedom to go bold if you choose. Create a focused and luxurious space with a dark blue, elegant plum, or rich green. If you’re thinking you want to create a soothing effect, go with a lighter version of these colors. Vibrant colors like turquoise or peach are energizing and make attractive Zoom backgrounds.

Visual Organization

It’s easy to stay organized with a calendar or to-do list seen on a large scale. Utilize the wall space for a white board, cork board or bulletin board. With the at-a-glance source of information, you’ll never miss a deadline. Complete with decorative magnets or clips.

When working at home, there’s no reason to have a lackluster office. Color, decoration, and personalization will have you looking forward to work each day. You deserve a place to thrive. Use these tips to help you create a fun and productive home office.



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