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Inspiration Tips to Make Your Home Look Beautiful and Artistic With Teak Wood Furniture

1. Get to know teak

Teak is a type of tree that produces high-quality wood. The large tree, straight trunk, can grow to a height of 30-40 meters and have large leaves, which fall in the dry season. Teak comes from the word Thekku in Malayalam, a language in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The scientific name of teak is Tectona grandis L.f.

Teak grows in areas with rainfall of 1 500 – 2 000 mm/year and a temperature of 27 – 36 °C both in the lowlands and highlands. The best place for teak growth is on dry soil and not flooded with water. Therefore, teak trees are planting in the highlands in Indonesia. But unfortunately, teak has a slow growth, making it difficult to mass-produce and not enough to cover the demand for teak from other countries. Then, several alternatives have been making to overcome the slow growth of teak wood. So far, not yet results.

2. Teak tree habits

Teak trees can grow gigantic for hundreds of years with a height of 40-45 meters and a diameter of 1.8-2.4 meters. However, the average teak tree reaches a height of 9-11 meters, with a diameter of 0.9-1.5 meters.
Teak trees that are considered good are trees with large rings, straight trunks, and few branches. The best teak wood usually comes from trees that are more than 80 years old.
The leaves are generally large, ovate upside down, opposite, with very short stalks, and teak leaves are using for wrapping food.

3. The existence of a teak tree

For your information, Teak trees are widely available in Asia and where teak trees spread widely from India, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Java. Then, teak grows in deciduous forests, which lose their leaves in the dry season because the climate in Indonesia is suitable for the growth of teak trees. Teak trees can grow with rainfall between 1200-3000 mm per year and enough high light intensity throughout the year.

4. The advantages of teak tree

Teak trees have extraordinary strength, and even teak trees can survive land fires. As we know, other trees will be scorched to death when a forest fire occurs, and this is not the case with teak. Therefore, teak is a pioneer species that is fire resistant because of its thick bark.

Moreover, teak fruit has a thick skin and a hard shell so that there is no damage to the teak seeds during a fire. Damage to the teak seed shell makes it easier for teak shoots to come out when the rainy season arrives. Therefore, many peoples like to plant teak trees. They know that teak is heat resistance, long life, high price, many people need for home interiors and furniture.

5. Products from teak wood

As you know, home interior products are making with teak wood such as windows, doors, and even house frames. In addition, teak wood is also widely made for upscale furniture with beautiful and artistic designs.
In this article, we will explain to making your home look beautiful and artistic with teak wood.

If you like the models in the picture below, hopefully, you can buy teak products soon at shops that sell products from teak wood. For that, let’s discuss one by one the products, models, and functions. Happy decorating!

Teak chair set in the living room

In decorating the living room, of course, you need to pay attention to the harmony of each item to make it look more beautiful. In the picture above, you can see that decorating the living room with teak chairs can be the perfect idea to make your living room look beautiful and classic. With a combination of colors, furniture, chairs, and accessories and the right home design, it adds to the beauty of the interior appearance of the house.

Moreover, the living room is a place to receive guests, whether family, friends, or co-workers. So it is needed to display a comfortable space design and have more aesthetic value. The interior of the living room with teak chairs is one of the design ideas that many people like. Besides showing a classic impression, luxurious, this teak wood guest chair can last a long time and is not easily damaged. For that, there are some decorations with teak chairs that you can use as inspiration.

Luxurius teak chair in living room

Today’s houses are increasingly developing into a minimalist and modern design, especially in big cities. Then, in building a massive and minimalist living room. Of course, you need a sofa that can adjust to the interior of the house. For that, decorating the living room with luxurious teak chairs can use it as a complement to your living room.

A combination of teak wood material and floral patterned sofa cushions can present a beautiful and unique Scandinavian design. Therefore, you can pair it with armchair chairs in matching colors and models. Or you can also combine it with long bench chairs and a modern guest table. If you are happy with this model, you can immediately design it in your living room.

Family room with teak wood

Teak wood is the most popular wood used by the Indonesian people as a raw material for houses with all their furniture.
But in the picture above, you can see the completeness of the teak family room. This teak wood equipment makes the appearance of the family room look beautiful and luxurious. Besides that, the building is making of teak wood. Usually, a design like this you will find in luxury homes in rural areas such as in Java and the mountain.

Teak wood front porch

Teak terrace room decoration can be the perfect idea to make the room feel classic. With a combination of colors, furniture, chairs, sofas, and the right home decoration and design, it will add to the beauty of the home interior. Moreover, the terrace of the house is the first appearance that guests see. Therefore, this place is more important to look at guests, whether family, friends, or co-workers. So a terrace design can provide more comfort and aesthetic value.

Living room teak chairs, teak fixtures are some of the design ideas that many people use because this teak wood is strong and not easily damaged.

Teak chairs for the front porch

If you like a simple but elegant living room design, you should adopt this design in your home. This minimalist terrace design can display a simple and modern interior with teak chairs. Then, teak wood chairs with plain and foam cushions simple can maximize the combination of front porch decorations with existing equipment.

Besides that, decorations such as ceramic decorations, gardens, and minimalist guest tables add to the appearance of the terrace looking attractive and artistic.
With the decoration of teak chairs and teak tables in this room, the appearance of this simple terrace pond is more beautiful and charming.

A teak wood shelf in front of the house

This teak wood flower rack decoration can be the perfect idea to display a room with a classic impression. With a color combination, flowers and teak wood shelves, making your home interior decoration and design more beautiful and fun.
Moreover, the living room is more important for your guest. Therefore, display a living room design that can provide more comfort and aesthetic value. For that, the flower rack in the picture above can decorate the interior of your living room and make your guests interest. Then, with a teak wood rack design, the appearance of your home looks beautiful and charming.

Teak wood flower rack stacked for the living room

The flower shelf design with various furniture, then besides being functional, can also add to the aesthetics of the room. This unique stacking flower rack can be one of the best considerations to decorate your room.

In decorating the living room, you need to pay attention to the harmony of each item to make it look more beautiful. Well, don’t worry, here are some decorations with teak flower shelves that you can use as inspiration to make your home look beautiful and artistic. Then, you have to put it in the best location so that your guests are interested in the decorations you make.

Teak wood mirror in the living room

Decorating the living room with this carved mirror can also be a perfect idea. The teak mirror in this picture is very suitable to be installed in the living room.
Moreover, the beautifully carved mirror of Jepara Indonesia can combine with another teak wood in every room. Therefore, you can get this teak mirror at Jepara Indonesia furniture stores.

Well, of course, you can make a mirror as a living room decoration so that the living room looks beautiful and artistic. For that, you can apply this design to decorate your living room. If you like this mirror model, you can try it on your living room wall. We are guaranteed beautiful and charming. Happy decorating!

Teak wood television shelf in the living room

Minimalist TV table Made of this teak wood, its dark brown color looks beautiful and elegant and is more suitable in the living room. This model television rack is perfect for a TV Stand. Of course, in addition to the living room, this shelf can use in the bedroom to store work equipment and books. But it all depends on your plan. This rack has designed for a versatile design.

Then, if you like the design of this television rack, you should adjust it to the size of your television. Of course, if it is not suitable, then the appearance of your room becomes less harmonious.

Minimalist teak wood bed

You must already know that teak bed is too strong and resistant to all weather and termites. For this reason, many people are happy with teak beds. Then, the advantage of this teak bed is more durable and does not easy to rot. For that, we also explain these teak beds are very suitable for tropical climates. That’s why many Indonesian people like teak beds. Besides the unique model, this bed can last a very long time. Then, if you want to have a teak bed like in the picture models, you can buy them, or you order teak beds to teak makers according to your taste.

But for you not to bother, we present which this one-bed model. Hopefully, you are happy with this model, and you can have it soon. Of course, these beds are expensive, and you have to spend a lot of money to have this bed..!

Luxury teak wood bed

In addition to considering the model, choosing a durable wooden bed is also the factor you must consider. For this reason, there are many choices of bed models that are designed, from modern, classic, simple, to glamorous styles. There are various color choices. Another advantage of teak beds is that they are easy to maintain, durable, and not easy to rot.

For maintenance, you easy to wipe with a wet cloth regularly, then proceed with a dry cloth and no need to use a special liquid that costs a lot of money. This ease of maintenance makes teak beds very suitable for those of you who like practicality and love the art of wood carving. We hope you can have this beautiful and artistic bed like in the picture so that your sleep will be more comfortable.

Teak wood bunk bed

There is a bunk bed model made of teak wood complete with a sliding bed model. The concept is the same, namely utilizing the bottom of the cot. However, the sliding model uses it to add another mattress that you can push in when not in use. This model is also classified as a durable teak wood bed and can be used for two people.

This bed is design for narrow spaces. With this design, the room is not cramped, and you are free to move in the room. For those of you who have a narrow room, you should use a bed model like this. Besides strong and durable teak wood, this bed has a drawer underneath

Minimalist teak dining table

Minimalist Dining Table with 8 Chairs model like the picture above is one of the products made of teak wood. This teak wood dining table with a minimalist design is perfect for you to gather to eat with your family. With a beautiful and elegant design, it makes you and your family members feel comfortable sitting here chatting with your family and enjoying the dishes provided.

As you can see in the picture, These black teak wood model with brownish foam makes this dining table look luxurious and dignified. Then, this dining table is also suitable for a restaurant or cafe. Then the advantage of this dining table is designed for dining in pairs.

For those of you who have a large family, of course, you can order it at a teak furniture store in your city. But don’t forget the tables and chairs must be adjusting to the size of your room. Happy decorating!

Luxury teak dining table

The appearance of this one dining table does seem luxurious. The dining table made of teak wood and super foam wrapped in a beautiful cream color cloth then makes everyone who sees it will be interested. For those of you who have a large dining room, of course, this table is perfect for you to gather to eat with your family while enjoying the food served.

The advantages of this teak wood dining table are that it is durable, not easily damaged, and the model is made very beautiful and antique. As far as we know, teak wood is hardwood, and many people make furniture from teak wood with beautiful carving models.

For those of you who are happy with the dining table model like the picture above, of course, you can buy it. Happy decorating your dining room!

Teak wood patio furniture

Having a back porch is a lot of fun. You can communicate with your family without other people knowing. But for you to feel comfortable chatting, of course, you need comfort and tranquility and a few drinks. With all equipment made of teak and made of beautiful and antique models, you will feel a different nuance by talking outside the house. Of course, with stunning equipment, you will be more relaxed to chat with your family.

In the picture above, you can see the back porch of this house is equipping with teak equipment. For that, try to make a protective terrace to protect the furniture from rain and direct sunlight because it will cause the wood to become warped, cracked, and look dull and attacked by insects.


For those of you who like to feel a comfortable house, we present the best houses designs. Then to make it should choose the right teak wood product to look your room more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and not cramped.

In this article, we explained several teak wood products to design your houses. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the teak wood furniture maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your home look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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