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How to Organized and Design Your Apartment Balcony to Look Beautiful and Amazing

1. Limited apartment area

With limited land in your house, of course, some homeowners think about having more land. The balcony of the apartment is a solution that can increase the other terrace of your apartment so you can make a beautiful terrace including a garden, family play area, and open small living room. Therefore, in this article, we want to provide complete ideas with pictures for you to use to make a beautiful balcony.

As you know, nowadays many people use the balcony as a means to get rest, enjoy with family and friends and at the same time to decoration apartment with some small trees to make their apartment more comfortable and attractive. I hope you can plan it like this.

2. What is a balcony

The balcony is an inseparable part of multi-story buildings in houses and apartments. Then, we can find many apartment balconies in large commercial buildings, such as hotels, cafes, and others needed.

However, the balcony of the house or the apartment is generally only for drying clothes or seeing the surrounding scenery. Then, if you want to know, the apartment balcony also can be used for exterior design, as well as a place to relax in the afternoon while enjoying coffee. Besides that, the balcony, of course, can be used as a beautiful small garden, playground, small living room to make your apartment look comfortable and fun.

3. Why do you need a balcony

As we know, technological and industrial developments have an unfavorable impact, especially in terms of air pollution. Maybe you think there’s not much you can do as an ordinary person, but creating an additional terrace at the apartment can make quite significant changes, especially for you and your family. You also don’t have to worry about the land needed because you can build a beautiful balcony in your apartment.

Creating a balcony in your apartment to be a place to be happy while relaxing after a day’s activities is the right thing. You can even make it to a playground or a family gathering place. With the balcony, of course, you can enjoy the fresh air and make yourself healthy. Then you can use this place for your entertainment. Therefore, why we need a balcony, all for your apartment to look comfortable.

4. Balcony material

For the balcony, it is better that you use cast concrete, namely cement, and stones. Cast concrete in combination with a ceramic motif is suitable for it. As we know, cast concrete and ceramics have good resistance and strength to extreme weather changes. Then, concrete decking is the best material used to make your balconies. This material is resistant to weather, and of course, can be used to create a garden on your apartment balcony. Therefore, every balcony is made with cast concrete and installed ceramics to look beautiful and charming.

In addition to cast concrete decking, you can also use natural stone for the balcony floor. Concrete has excellent strength, so you don’t have to worry about its durability, heap then easy to maintenance.
If you want to make a floor with this material, of course, it will be more efficient than using other materials. However, the disadvantages of concrete floors are that they are easy to get dirty, mossy, and slippery if not cleaned.

The advantage cast concrete has sturdy and durable characteristics and can be used for a long time. Then, cast concrete floor types can also reduce heat and sound. So you won’t overheat or feel noisy because of the heavy rain.

5. Balcony design

Before you start to build a balcony, make sure the planning and design you choose according to the wishes and spacious your space. Cast concrete is a solid material that is quite heavy, especially when wet. Therefore, make a plan to meet with a structural engineer who can help you avoid damaging your apartment foundation and apartment structure. A structural engineer can help calculate the risk of using iron, cement, or other materials that you need to add to your beautiful balcony. For that, you need the best design so that the results can be satisfying, attractive, and fun.

There are several balcony designs that we will discuss below. In this article, we will explain the beautiful balcony design complete with its functions. Therefore, If you have insufficient room to gather with your family, of course, you can consider the balcony design in the picture below.

Balcony design with motive ceramics 

The thing to decide when designing a small balcony is to choose a comfortable flooring material. If you are looking for another way to cover the less attractive balcony floor, you can consider using outdoor tiles or ceramics. One of them is the use of beautiful Moroccan ceramics like the picture above.

The appearance of this balcony looks beautiful and artistic. Black and white ceramic motifs, sofa sets, flower pots, and accessories on this balcony make this place beautiful and fun. For that, don’t forget to make the balcony railing a bit high so as not to endanger you and your family. The advantage of this balcony, with a small place, you can design this place to relax with your family.

Beautiful balcony design for small garden

You can use the vertical space of the balcony wall to create a vertical garden, such as planting varieties of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. As a variation, you can hang potted plants on the balcony ceiling to save space. Then, you can also plant a small tree to give a green impression on your balcony, and at the same time, add privacy to your place.

With a design like this, your balcony room looks like a beautiful little garden. The advantage of this design is that you can channel your plant hobby and make it your entertainment.

Cozy small apartment balcony design

The small balcony design in the apartment above uses a minimalist Scandinavian style with wooden floors, wooden tables, and wooden chairs covered with soft foam.
The presence of ornamental plants that are increasingly on the edge of the balcony emphasizes the relaxed and chic atmosphere on the balcony of the small apartment. Of course, the presence of wooden furniture, wooden floors, and some flower plants on this balcony makes your apartment balcony look beautiful and artistic.

The advantage of this balcony is that you can relax and chat while enjoying the view outside. But don’t forget, the balcony railing must be made high, so it’s not dangerous for your family, especially your child.

Small balcony design with hanging seating

This design is perfect for those of you who like to enjoy the view of the outside apartment. Of course, there’s no more exhilarating way to relax an afternoon than relaxing on a hammock.
Installing a hanging chair, hammock, or built-in swing chair can save space on your balcony while turning a minimalist balcony apartment into a place to relax while chatting and enjoying the outside view with your family. Of course, you can also use floor cushions or minimalist wooden chairs as a more flexible option. Then, design the seating area according to your taste. To add to the beauty of the balcony, you can put flower pots around the swing. That, way your apartment balcony looks beautiful and charming.

The advantage of this balcony is that you can take advantage of your narrow balcony comfortably with a relaxing swing. But don’t forget, the balcony railing must be made high, so it’s not dangerous for your family, especially your child.

Small balcony design for reading place

Do you like relaxing while reading? If so, then this balcony design is perfect for you. As seen in the picture above, there are bookshelves and lounge chairs for you to read comfortably on the balcony area of ​​the apartment. Then, use a cupboard to store books or stationery so that your design is more aesthetic so that the balcony looks more beautiful.
That way, you will have a mini library that you can use to enjoy the weekend while reading your favorite books with your family.

The advantage of this balcony is that you don’t have to bother to create a study and reading room in your apartment. Therefore, cover your iron fence with glass material so that your books are not blown away by the wind.

Balcony design with beautiful lighting

Having a balcony is one of the advantages of apartment living. With a balcony, you have space to see the starry sky or the view at night above your apartment.

Like in the picture above, you can enjoy seeing the view outside the balcony apartment while accompanied by beautiful decorative lights around you are balcony. Then, Installing LED lights or lanterns can add to the atmosphere of the apartment balcony to be comfortable, especially when you enjoy discussing with your wife. Then, To make your apartment balcony more attractive, place flowers as greenery in your balcony area. So it doesn’t look monotonous.

The advantage of this balcony, you can enjoy the view at night like in a restaurant in the mountains. But don’t forget, the balcony railing must be made high, so it’s not dangerous for your family, especially your child.

Balcony design for flower garden

If you want to maintain privacy and feel your balcony is too open, so it lacks privacy? For that, take advantage of vines or tall plants to cover the balcony railing. Then, you can use artificial vines—to make it easier to care for if your balcony is narrow. But if you have a large apartment balcony, use stacking shelves to arrange your plants to cover the balcony railing.

In this picture, you can see a beautiful and charming balcony decorated with flower plants. Then the presence of a beautiful wooden table and wooden chairs covered with white foam makes this balcony even more attractive. This balcony is perfect for those of you who have a flower hobby.  The advantage of this balcony is that you can plant flowers in pots and then direct the vines to cover the balcony railing. That way, people won’t see you on the balcony.

Balcony design for small cactus garden

If you like small plants, for that, you should plant a cactus plant on your balcony because this plant does not need any trim or watering regularly. That way, your mini garden still looks beautiful every time and not messy. Therefore, Arrange your plants in the corners of your balcony. So they don’t interfere with your comfort.

You can use the presence of a beautiful sofa and table to enjoy your small plants, so you can relax and feel at home in this place. Then with a design like this, make your balcony look beautiful and unique. The advantage of this narrow balcony is that you can plant various mini cacti and make this balcony look like a big garden.

Balcony design for outdoor dining

A balcony is a place outside of a level house or apartment for you to use for various purposes. Then, you can see in the picture above, That this place can use to relax, chat while enjoying food. But for some people always use the balcony as a place for drying clothes. But, a balcony can also be designed for a meeting place with your business partners and used for an open dining room.

If you want to make a balcony like this picture, it only takes the best planning and design so that your creative ideas become beautiful and fun. Then, the advantage of this balcony is that you can use the balcony for your open dining area with your family.

Balcony design for living room

To design a balcony in the apartment, you should make a beautiful design plan. Try your design following your ideas so that the results are satisfactory. In the picture above, you can see a balcony for a family room. That way, inside the apartment, can be used for other purposes.
Then, to become a beautiful and pleasant family room according to the design picture above, of course, you have to prepare a beautiful sofa set, beautiful table, ornamental plants, and accessories that match the balcony you designed. That way, you can use your balcony for your needs and make your apartment beautiful.

Balcony design for bright family room

In general, apartment designs have limited space. Limited space makes your apartment space narrow. For that, you can take advantage of the balcony as a solution to create a beautiful and pleasant family room. In the picture above, the balcony is perfect for you to make it. The presence of a beautiful sofa set, guest table, and mirror on the wall add to the balcony to be complete and attractive.

Its beautiful and bright appearance makes you will be happy to enjoy your day with your family. But don’t forget, you have to make a high fence, so as not to endanger your family. The advantage of this family room design is that you can enjoy the view and have fun with your family while enjoying food and drinks.

Balcony design for children’s playground

Having an apartment is not an obstacle to creating a playground for children. Your child may not play in the apartment lobby because there are no facilities.
For that, you have to find a solution for your child’s playground so that your child can grow up intelligently.

Designing a balcony for your child’s play is the right solution. that way, they can play in the open air, and of course, will be happy and healthier. In this picture, as you can see, the balcony floor is used wooden and complete with a sofa set and accessories. That way, you can sit back and watch your child play.

The advantage of a design like in this picture, that your child will be safe to play on the balcony because the fence is made high, and you can also watch them play while relaxing on the sofa.

6. Conclusion

If you want to make a beautiful balcony in your apartment, we present the best design. To make a balcony in your apartment, you should choose a beautiful design to look your balcony apartment more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and An Aesthetic.

In this article, we explained several of the best pictures for the balcony apartment. Then to design it, of course, you will have to spend the money. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the home decoration company. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your balcony look beautiful. Happy decorating!


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