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Some Vintage Living Room Designs and Ancient Fixtures That Will Make You Miss

1. Vintage-style

The journey of our lives in the past was very memorable. When we were children, we were always put to sleep on a classic sofa made of thick foam and then made us fall asleep. The beauty of childhood can not be returned anymore but can be remembered. And then make you are happy and review your past. Vintage furniture and furnishings can remind us of the past.

Models of classic sofas, tables, and other accessories that we have seen at that time, the models are still being sold in stores. The furniture is what makes us always miss our good old days. For that, you do not need to be sad reminiscing about your past which was full of joy. You can buy furniture or equipment with vintage designs for your home.
Here you can reminisce about the happy times with your parents. That way, you will feel again the happiness that you have passed from year to year. Well, try to get the old atmosphere through vintage designs.

Vintage-style usually uses the color that dampens, such as white, green, pink, and orange. But, it does not mean you can use those colors at once. You can choose one of the four colors as the base of your living room. For the furniture, you can choose the furniture that has the old style. You can choose colors that are a bit striking and make your living room look lit.

2. The advantages of vintage design

The advantage of vintage designs is that they are classic and much sought after by antique collectors. Genuine vintage models are not too much and rarely sell in the shop. Therefore, always used for home displays, restaurants, and coffee shops to attract the client. You will always see coffee shops and restaurants with vintage designs, and then they decorate their places with vintage items.

The goal is, they want to entice consumers to reminisce about their past in their place.
As we know, Vintage designs are rare. Then for this time are become an antique category. If there are the original, it would be expensive. Meanwhile, the advantage of vintage items for home decoration is that they can make homeowners happy to reminisce about their past and amaze guests with the collection of the item on display. Then, with a vintage design, your living room looks more attractive.

3. Some examples of vintage designs

We know that original vintage designs do not widely sell in stores. For this reason, in this article, we will provide some examples of vintage design furniture as input for you. However, if you want to get this design, it can be imitated even though it is not as beautiful as the original.

If you are happy with this design, you can provide an example in the image below and then order it from an expert vintage goods maker.
With this imitation design, you can arrange these items like the original.
For that, we will discuss one by one image below. Hopefully, this design will interest you. Happy decorating.

Classic vintage sofa

The guest chair is also great for Vintage-Style Living Room Design. You can use this made of wood that looks worn. This red chair will make your living room look old and attractive. In addition, you can put your other accessories there. It will make your room look neat and arranged.

The vintage-style sofa

Soft colors are good for the vintage-style sofa, soft colors can make your room feel more comfortable. But if you only use those colors for your living room, the appearance of your room will look simple and brown and others. You can use bright-colored furniture in your living room. Not necessarily all bright-colored furniture. You can use a bright color on the main furniture in your room.

To add to the beauty of the living room. You can add some accessories to this living room, such as brown decorative lights, colorful floor pillows, colorful sofa cushions, bright fur carpet motifs with black lines, and flower pots made of rattan.

Beautiful classic wooden sofa

The appearance of this beautiful classic wooden sofa will make you happy. The elongated model is then covered with gray foam and the sofa pillows with colorful motifs make the vintage living room more attractive. Then this living room is even more complete with brightly colored furry carpet decorations, wooden corner tables, wall paintings, and a work desk complete with chairs. Appearances like this make your living room look beautiful and attractive. If you are happy with this classic sofa, you can arrange it like this. Then you can also use this sofa to relax while lying down to release your fatigue.

Vintage living room wardrobe

You still remember the model of the furniture in this picture. Living room cabinets and old wooden shelves look very attractive in the living room. The combination of wood and glass and the shape still look classic. With the wooden color, this wardrobe and shelf look classic. Then the arrangement of red guest chairs and wooden tables, room accessories, paintings, and old-fashioned television makes this living room more attractive.

If you are happy with a design like this and have a living room that is not too big, you can imitate this design and arrange it neatly like this living room. With this design, your guests will be amazed to see the furniture you have. With this design, your living room will look attractive. Then, it makes you reminisce.

Old teak wardrobe

The appearance of teak cabinets like this reminds us of the past. Did you miss this atmosphere? You see, this teak wood wardrobe is decorated in the living room and serves as a storage area for items such as bags, books, and other documents. The color of this wardrobe still looks original from black teak wood. The combination of teak wood with glass makes this wardrobe look luxurious. Then this wardrobe is displayed along with the table in the living room to make it look beautiful and elegant. You can see the wall paintings and flower pots in this room. Everything is arranged to add to the beauty of the living room and is compatible with the wardrobe model. If you are happy with this model, of course, you can order it from a furniture company that makes cabinets

Multiprint vintage decoration

The classic chair, table, and small table are some of the important items in the living room. The size of the table you use depends on the size of your living room. You can use it for a coffee table if your living room is narrow. Coffee tables do not need big ones.

Try to choose the sofa set, guest chair, and table made of wood and foam. it can make your living room look old and attractive. Those are the pictures of Vintage-Style Living Room Design. So, if you are interested in this style, let’s apply it to your house. Good luck!

Vintage style chandelier

This vintage living room looks artistic. The wallpaper with a picture of a man and a woman behind a bright white sofa, then the iron frame guest chairs and foam lining, round glass table with iron frame, and feather floor carpet make this room look antique. But the most attractive item in this room is the old-fashioned red chandelier. This design makes this living room look beautiful and antique. If you are happy with this furniture model, I hope you can make it.

Vintage room wall with teak wood model

The concept of vintage decoration cannot be separated from wood such as mahogany and teak. In addition, earthy colors such as brown are also widely used when decorating a room with a vintage theme. These two elements can indeed give the impression of luxury that is not excessive.

If you are happy with room decorations like this. Choose brown furniture, teak or mahogany cabinets, soft color sofas, and ancient picture accessories to make it more eye-catchy. Then you can also add maroon color to make it look bold. In this design, the vintage living room will look beautiful and luxurious.

Ancient model clock

The appearance of this vintage living room looks more charming. A sofa with blue and white floral motifs, a dark brown guest table, and a painting on a bright white wall make the room feel comfortable. The presence of an ancient model clock makes this room look more beautiful and perfect. The arrangement also looks neat and clean. Looks like you will be happy and feel at home in this living room. Moreover, coupled with the burning of wood as a place to heat up, of course, it makes you and your family happy.

Old-fashioned television

This old-fashioned television appearance is sure to make you reminisce about your childhood. At that time, the television model had become a popular model in homes. Then not everyone can have a television with a model like this. This television is a rare item and is hard to find nowadays. Then just to watch it you have to sit on the floor with your friends. However, the design of this vintage living room has changed the atmosphere, and this television looks attractive in this room. Hopefully, you can remember your happy times when watching this old-school television. If you like to display this television model, your living room will be an attraction for your guests, and the living room will look more attractive.

Old-fashioned phone

You still remember the first time you used the phone. Maybe at that time, you were still immature. But you have seen the phone model like it. The telephone in this picture does look ancient. But this telephone is now used as a decoration of a luxurious house. The color is similar to the color of the furniture, then making this phone look harmonious on the table. Then the handset and speakers to hear and talk are still old-fashioned. This phone was widely used in luxury homes at that time, especially in the homes of Dutch officials. You will miss models like this because you can remember your past which is full of happiness. By decorating a telephone like this, the interior of your living room will look antique.

4. Conclusion

Everyone misses a happy childhood to reminisce about a beautiful past. For that, you can design and arrange your living room with vintage-style furniture, accessories, and paintings. For that, we present some of the best vintage designs. So to make it, you should choose the best equipped to make it look more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, elegant, and antique.

In this article, we describe some pictures of vintage design. To decorate it, you have to spend money to buy it. Hopefully, you can get it like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you make your home look beautiful and unique. Happy decorating!



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