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Should I Trust Movers Near Me With My Fragile Items?

When you have already relocated a number of times in the past, you ask yourself whether you still need to engage a moving company in your relocation journey to your new home. However, there are also times when engaging professional moving companies is not possible due to budget restrictions. With planning and preparation, you can decide which approach is best for a smooth moving experience.

If you are skeptical of trusting different fragile items such as pianos and antiques to a professional moving company, research how their previous customers felt and find out if hiring them would be a wise choice. When looking for “movers near me” on the internet, be sure to check reviews from reputable websites to find reputable moving companies. Hire movers with a good track record and engage only experienced professionals.

How do I make sure movers do not steal my stuff?

In this day and age, it is not easy finding a trustworthy packing company. Sometimes the only way you can stop being anxious about your jewelry going missing during the packing and transport process is to either handle it personally or be present every step of the way. Availability of insurance products, if you can afford one, can also be beneficial. You can also purchase a portable safe where you can store these small items in the meantime.

Ensure your personal safety first when letting moving services inside your house. This may mean doing the packing process at a certain hour of the day and not during nighttime. If you have a lot of high-priced valuables and belongings, better to ask a trusted friend or relative to be with you while the movers are packing stuff.

Are you supposed to help movers move your stuff?

Helping is always welcome. You can assist movers while taking care not to create unnecessary distraction and disruption. Keeping in mind that there may be times when you need to avoid movement around them to avoid breakages.

Moving fragile items need utmost care not only during the packing process but also on moving day in loading and unloading the boxes into moving trucks. Wrapping the items properly can often be enough to ensure they arrive in one piece. Identify a trucking company that can handle breakables.

Can movers be trusted?

Due to the prevalence of theft and fraud in today’s world, making the mistake of engaging moving services or packing services without checking the company background can change one’s life in an instant and rarely for the better.

Protect your peace of mind. Research thoroughly before agreeing to work with a moving company. It is important to engage experienced professionals especially if you have a lot of valuable items and fragile items that require special care and specific proper way of handling. Managing risks and finding a moving company you can trust is quite challenging. While it is impossible to trust movers fully, being anxious the whole time can be stressful.

How do I protect my fragile items when moving?

First off, create dedicated packing spaces in preparation for the move. This way your fragile belongings can be easily segregated from the rest of your household items. You might also want to get a specific insurance for expensive valuables especially for jewelry, pricey electronics and antiques so you can feel confident in handing them over to professional movers. Limit movements to avoid breakages.

Expect that you will need to buy a variety of packing and wrapping materials such as bubble wraps, shrink wraps, furniture pads, sturdy carton boxes and thick boxes. Experienced movers would know the correct packing supplies and the right items you should purchase. Make sure these boxes are properly labeled.

Some steps, tips, and tricks in making sure your fragile objects are packed securely

Not everyone can pack fragile items based on what you require. There are, in fact, only a few local movers who can provide you with proper packing solutions for oddly-shaped items like musical instruments, electronics and office equipment. We understand that for a musician, their piano is too dear to fully entrust to packers.

Large items such as furniture can sometimes be hard to load and unload to a new place. This is why hiring people who have prior experience with transporting these kinds of items from other customers is important.

It would also be helpful if the following are considered while packing and loading your belongings in moving trucks:

  1. Pay special attention to breakable and glass items. Do not mix them with other heavy household items.
  2. Use packing paper to fill hollow items of ceramics, wine glasses and even electronics.
  3. Use bubble wrap to cushion any impact from loading, unloading and transit.
  4. Be patient and wrap each breakable item individually.
  5. Buy a lot of packing tape and use it liberally.
  6. Ask your movers what type of truck you should hire to better ensure the safety of your valuable items.
  7. Schedule unpacking the boxes of disassembled expensive furniture as soon as possible to check if the items arrived safely.

Dealing with professional movers during the packing and moving process

Before you open your doors and hand over your precious things to someone who is practically a stranger, while it is not easy to gauge whether you can trust your movers on the spot, consider the following:

  1. Research and evaluate movers’ qualifications before signing paperwork. Do not rush into things without reading the fine print. It is also important to never sign contracts in a blank.
  2. Look for customer testimonials and reviews online.
  3. Ask about their training and experience.
  4. Ask about their experience in physically demanding activities. Since moving will require heavy lifting of large items possibly in flights of stairs if the new apartment does not have an elevator, it is important to clear this immediately with your movers.
  5. Ask family, friends, and colleagues for recommendations. If you are moving after landing a job and to be near your office, chances are, your employer or colleagues might have tips and recommendations you should not miss.
  6. Have a Plan B ready in case the movers do not show up or fail to follow your instructions.

Why should I hire a moving company only after thorough research?

Relocation, on its own, is already a stressful time in anyone’s life. Unfortunately, according to the Better Business Bureau, there are an average of 13,000 complaints and negative mover reviews every year. The moving industry has become an environment where fraudsters have also started to be in business. Reportedly, 40% of Americans have been scammed by moving companies and 14% have lost at least $3,000. A prevalent strategy these scammers use is charging a higher quote once they have the customer’s belongings and refusing to release the items unless the new price is paid.

Researching about the company’s background is the first step to avoiding being a victim of fraud. You may also want to take note of the following red flags:

  1. The company has no reviews online
  2. It has a lot of unresolved customer complaints
  3. It requires an unusually large amount as deposit before the move with no reasonable explanation
  4. It does not give a clear answer when you ask about the responsibility of the movers
  5. It requires signing of blank contracts before the move

How can professional movers help me in proper packing?

A professional packing company packs efficiently and smoothly. Their expertise is especially helpful when you are required to finish packing quickly while ensuring your things are safely moved to your new home. In fact, there is a higher risk of breakage of delicate and fragile items if you leave the process to untrained movers or do it yourself.

Planning your moving day should also include being ready and anticipating extreme weather conditions especially if you will move from one state to another state and will experience a drastic change in climate. You may also want to consider if the change in temperature will affect your fragile item and furniture. This is crucial if you are doing a long distance move and you will bring delicate items such as paintings or luxury leather bags.


Trust is built over a period and can be destroyed in an instant. To ensure your fragile items and expensive belongings are safe, do not rush in engaging the service of the first mover you find online. Properly search for a moving company with adequate experience on the job and can provide your moving needs at a reasonable budget. Keeping in mind that people are not perfect, communication is also essential.

Working with a professional mover with a good reputation and experience even if it will entail extra costs is often more advisable when moving fragile items. Be ready to address their concerns especially if you will be doing a long-distance move. It is important to pick professional movers you can trust even with complicated cross-country concerns. You can start with the Community Labor Partnership by calling (888) 314-5128 as they offer affordable moving and other labor services that you may need.



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