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Attractive Simple Living Room Decor Ideas

Simdreamhomes.com – When we enter the house, the first room we will meet is the living room. This is why the living room is representative of other rooms. If the living room looks beautiful and feels comfortable, then people will think that other rooms will be like that too.

To have a beautiful and comfortable living room certainly is not easy. Need an effort and creativity to make the living room look beautiful and attractive.

So, for those of you who want to have an attractive and beautiful living room, here we have provided Attractive Simple Living Room Decor Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Simple White Living Room Feel So Cozy

The simple design indeed looks more calm and sweet. That is why many people want to make their living room look as simple as good. The atmosphere in the simple living room also more comfortable.

simple white living room
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The selection of colors also will affect the appearance of the room. And if you want to have a simple living room but feel the spacious and calm, white simple living room is the perfect idea you can apply to your living room.

Unfortunately, there is something you should have to pay attention to. It is because applying white to the whole living room can make the living room look stiff. So, here are the decorations that can make the white simple living room look beautiful and attractive:

  • B&W Pictures

The idea of B&W pictures becomes the right decoration to make the appearance of the living room look beautiful. B&W pictures in the white frame look so beautiful hung on the white wall. The neat placement makes it looks sweet.

  • Mirror

The mirror is an item that usually used in the bedroom as an item for mirroring. But, the function of the mirror is not only that. The mirror also has an effect on the interior look. Like the picture above, the simple white living room looks so beautiful with the rectangle-shaped mirror hanging on the wall of the room. In addition, the living room looks more bright because the mirror reflects the light that enters the living room.

Fresh Simple Living Room with Plants Decor

Make the living room look simple does not mean we could not use the decoration. Even, the decoration is very needed to make the simple room look attractive. Some decorations also could make the simple living room feel cozy.

fresh simple living room
Cc: Pinterest

Indeed, for the simple living room, we could not use the decoration room that we want. So, we have to smart in choosing the living room decoration.

A simple living room with plant decors is a great idea. The green of the plants gives fresh nuance into the living room. In addition, the plants also good for the air in the living room. In this way, the simple living room not only looks attractive but also feel comfortable.

beautiful simple living room
Cc: Pinterest

The floating wall shelf is the right item to use to decorate the living room wall with plants. The polygon-shaped floating wall shelf makes the living room look more attractive. You can also use the hanging plants if you do not want to use a floating wall shelf.

Elegant Simple Living Room with Little Touch of Black

Who says a simple room will only look simple and stiff. In fact, a simple room can look like you want it to. And of course, by applying the right decorations.

The simple living room can be made to look elegant and beautiful. By playing with color schemes, the feel and look of the living room will change.

elegant simple living room
Cc: Pinterest

The B&W pictures with the black frame look so striking and beautiful. The pictures hanging on the walls painted in gray look so perfect and elegant.

As the main item in the living room, the couch has a big effect on the appearance of this room. So, give the black cushion with simple motifs is the perfect idea to make the simple living room look attractive and elegant.

The black table also emphasizes the elegant look in the living room. The jet black color makes it look sharp and striking. Even though it is firm, the black color in the living room makes it feel soothing. The candle decoration on the table emphasizes the soothing nuances in the living room.

Beautiful Calm Simple Living Room

One of the reasons why a simple living room is favorited by many people because the simple living room is easier to feel soothing and cozy. With the right decoration, the simple living room also looks more beautiful and calm.

calm simple living room
Cc: Pinterest

In having the beautiful simple living room that feels soothing and cozy, of course, there are some points you must pay attention to:

  • Placing The Couch Nearby The Window

To have a cozy and calm living room, of course, the item that is very important is a sofa. The sofa spot will affect the comfort and appearance of the living room. Placing the sofa nearby the window is the best way to make this as a cozy spot in the living room. By placing sofa nearby the window, natural light that enters the living room will directly hit the sofa. This way, you can sun breathing by lying on the sofa. Enjoying the atmosphere of the room makes you more relaxed.

  • Big Plants in The Corner of The Room

When decorating the room, you have to utilize every space in the living room perfectly. Usually, some people just leave the corner empty. In fact, the corner of the room can be used as a spot for decoration to make the room look more attractive.

Big plants are the right decor for a simple living room. The big plants in the corner of the room make it look calm and beautiful.

  • Large Painting Above The Couch

If you do not have pictures, you can use the painting as the wall decoration. The big painting in the living room will make it look beautiful. The simple painting also give the simple look to this room. And if you are too lazy to hang the painting, you could utilize the floating wall shelf. Try to placing the large painting above the couch to make the couch looks more dominant.


As the first room when we enter the house, we could say that the living room is the important room at home. So, make the living room look attractive is a must. In addition, the comfort of this room must also be considered. And, with the simple design, the living room will look attractive and also feel comfortable. So, with the Attractive Simple Living Room Decor Ideas above, you will have the simple living room that you want.



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